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If coming into FL ,fill in name and address on top  then the rest of the information on the bottom.

Please read if making a reservation that comes in after 1159 pm:
If you have a plane that comes in at 1201 am or later, please make the reservation date the day the plane takes off , not when the plane  arrives into FL.  Please insert 1159 pm  in arrival time  and insert the landing 
time in the comment section on the bottom or call me with the reservation on the phone
Forms of payment include cash, check, and credit cards and now Apple Pay .
All credit cards including chip credit cards must be run in the car or on the website . Due to the new regulations, we can not except credit cards over the phone.

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Flight information leaving Florida.

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Meet at luggage or If you have  Carry on luggage please meet us at door 2 or door 5 on upper level I will tell you when you make your reservation. LUGGAGE  CARRY ON
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Comments : or Special needs
Such as child seats or any questions. 
or arrival time of plane if it comes in after midnight.

What is the best way to contact us?
Call (239) 440-4859, (239) 541-8536, or Toll free 877-428-0410.
You can also email us at or visit our website at